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AT THE INCIRCO - MARIONETTES AND PUPPETS was born in 2011 from the meeting of Gianluca Palma 
(craftsman and musician) and Mariasole Brusa (theatrical graduate in philosophy), as a research project on puppetry and street art that aims to integrate different and complementary arts (puppets, marionettes, clowning, theater, shadows, music live) focusing on the narrative power of the image and the relationship between body and object. The research on the puppet and the marionette originates from typical elements of the Italian and world tradition but is mainly aimed at contemporary results. All the props (scenography, puppets, marionettes,…) are handcrafted, often with recycled materials, by the members of the company. The stories represented are original and designed to involve, through the universal language of the image, both children and adults with the desire to create accessible performances but at multiple levels of reading.
    Since 2012 to date more than ten shows have been produced and staged (The scent of dawn, When anchovies rain, Pirates in a box, A Circus in Yellow, The Golden Egg, The night of Desires, A witch by hair, Stories hanging by a thread, Don Giovanni Opera Buffa, Stories Against Fear) presented in various Italian municipalities, theatrical reviews, schools and festivals national and international. Starting from 2014, All'InCirco also offers workshops on puppetry and object animation for children and adults. Since 2015 All'InCirco collaborates with the historical company Teatro del Drago of Ravenna participating in the organization of the International Festival Arrivano dal Mare, in the production of the traveling show on the commedia dell'arte by Zan Ganassa, also presented in France and Spain and at the street performance Grande Circo Nave Argo. In 2015 All'InCirco collaborated with the opera singer Rodolfo Sant'Andrea (winner of the critics' prize in Sanremo 1980) in the production of the show Don Giovanni Opera Buffa, a contemporary remake of Mozart's opera that questions gender identity. In 2016 the short film COSA è danza was produced which won a special mention at the national competition La Danza in Un Minuto. Since 2017 All'InCirco collaborates with the Instabili Vaganti Company in the realization of projects and reviews in the Bologna area, taking care of the artistic direction (Christmas Tales, Bella Dentro Bella Fuori, TreninOff, RiciCirco). In 2017 All'InCirco was a finalist for the National Prize for Children's Theater Gianni Damiano, within the International Lunathica Festival. Starting from 2016, the research focuses on the string puppet and the organic integration of several different techniques of puppetry that concern the manipulation and animation of the object in general. Two productions are currently in progress: Ecomonster, a string puppet show and actor's theater that questions the concept of conscience in an ironic and grotesque key; and L'orologio D'alìce, co-produced with Teatro del Drago, a remake of Carroll's story with an aesthetic inspired by the heliographies that Dalì created to illustrate it, which investigates the theme of the perception of time.


Participation in national and international festivals and theater reviews in recent years:
-International Titiriscena Festival, Madrid (2017)
-Festival International de Marionnettes, Charleville-Mezieres, France (2016)
-International Puppet Theater Festival Arrivano dal Mare (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019)
-International Lunathic Festival of Turin (2017) (Gianni Damiano Prize)
- International Festival La Luna è Azzurra, San Miniato (2017 and 2018)
-International Festival I Fasti Verolani, Veroli (2017)
- International Mercantia Festival of Certaldo (2016 and 2018)
- National Festival of great puppeteers, Sorrivoli (2016, 2017 and 2018)
- National Fantàsia Festival, Gambassi Terme (2017 and 2018)
- National Festival Apriti Borgo, (2016 and 2018)

-Festival La Fiuma, San Benedetto Po (2019)
-Festival Not only Pieces of Wood, Ceolini (2018)
- Fricandò National Festival, Correggio, (2016)
-Festival La Catena di Zampanò, Rimini, (2016)

-Festival Faenza Buskers, Faenza (2015, 2017 and 2019)
- Water theaters, Comacchio (2016 and 2017)
-Baracca and Puppets, Emilia Romagna (2017, 2018 and 2019)

- Puppets at the Riscossa, Ravenna (2017, 2018 and 2019)
- Puppets in Festa, Ravenna (2017, 2018 and 2019)
-The Hour of the Puppets (2017)

-The country of fairy tales, Sarmede (2018 and 2019)
-TreninOFF, Bologna (2017)
-Christmas Tales, Bologna (2017)
-Bella Inside, Beautiful Outside, Montanari Theater, Bologna (2017)
-Teatro a Merenda, Lugo (2017 and 2016)
-Summer review for kids, Reggio Emilia (2017)
-Maramao Children's Festival, Russi (2017)
-The shack of talents, Gambettola Municipal Theater (2016)
-Fole and Puppets, Forlì (2016, 2017 and 2018)

-All at the theater, Lavis (2019)
-Stradarts, Portoferraio (2019)
-The village of Toys, Santa Maria a Monte (2019)
-Bascherdeis, Vernasca (2019)
-An Ghin Gò, Finale Emilia (2019)
-Mazzini Buskers, Forlì (2019)
-Teatrino del sole, Livorno (2018 and 2019)
-Figure yourself, Perugia (2019)
-The honey of the angels, Cervia (2019)
- Puppets and figures, Romagna (2018 and 2019)
-Young artists for Dante (2019)

Gianluca Palma

Mariasole Brusa

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