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"Once upon a time ... once upon a time there was a piece of wood ..."  
Thus begins the famous story of Collodi, overturning the clichés of fairy tales and immediately transforming the everyday into the extraordinary. The show "The Journey of Pinocchio" has the same objective, re-presenting the great classic of children's literature in an ironic, contemporary and poetic key. The stages of the journey of the little wooden hero are narrated and retraced against the background of engaging and dreamlike music, with the desire to paint characters and scenarios with words and sound. An actress-storyteller turns from time to time into various characters (the devious fox, the sweet fairy, the pestiferous wick, ...) and a puppeteer animates puppets, puppets, shadows and objects that will accompany the children and involve them in the timeless adventure of Pinocchio, on his amazing journey in search of himself.

The alternation of different techniques (acting theater, puppets, puppets, shadows, clowning) allows to maintain a fast and exciting rhythm in the narration and to deal with delicacy and poetry the theme of the construction of personal identity, which makes the fable of Pinocchio today more relevant than ever . 

Data sheet 
Actors: 2 
Stage space: at least 6x6 meters 
Technical requirements: connection to electricity, show that can be represented indoors (hall, theater, ...)  
Show not protected SIAE 
Music used protected by SIAE 

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