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co-production with Teatro del Drago (RA)

Nine micro-dramaturgies with handcrafted string puppets follow one another linked by a single common thread: fear, in all its forms and facets. Fear of the different and the inexplicable, fear of love and death, fear of growing and never growing. Fear that will be mocked, overturned, accepted and transformed into an occasion for reflection and laughter. Two bizarre cooks, Lu and Le, will lead the audience into their miniature world inhabited by small wooden characters, where proportions are upset and even the adult becomes a child again. Pirates, poets, robots with a coffee pot instead of a head, singing ghosts, sensual dancers, tiny artists and creepy jugglers will come to life thanks to magical recipes, hanging on the thin threads of fantasy. 
“I am Le Mostly expert in Explosive Pastry and here is my colleague Lu Allincirca, the greatest European specialist in Democratic Frying: from potatoes to slippers, from cutlets to insoles, without prejudice and discrimination he fries anything! Together we have created the most innovative and amazing recipes such as the self-replicating cappelletto and the first trans-genetic fruit: the strawberry. And when I say given life, I literally mean given life. In our careful studies we have discovered that there are recipes for practically every ailment, problem and breathlessness: against colds, insomnia, apathy, frenzy, flu, drowsiness, cellulite, colitis, stomach ache. , toothache, headache, seasickness, marriage, but… there is no recipe for fear! Well yes, we tried. "_ Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Promo Video

Duration: 50 minutes. 
The show can be represented both indoors (theater, hall, auditorium, gym, etc.) and outdoors (square, garden, very large street) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
We have a structure that needs a scenic space of 4x4 metri. 
We have independent audio and lighting services . 
Technical needs: connection to the electricity grid . 
Music: protected by the SIAE.  
Actors number: 2. 
Assembly time: approx. 2 h . 
Disassembly time: approx. 1 h . 


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