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Sputnik and Laika are two funny robotic aliens on an exploratory journey: they deal with space-time archeology and have a passion in particular for all the artifacts that come from that strange, distant, planet Earth, the only one they just can't frame.
Between a bickering and the other, the two are now overexcited: they have something really precious in their hands. Fragments of paper found in the ruins of a lost probe; it is a text that seems to describe the terrestrial world in an extremely precise way. A text cited in many other documents available to robots but which until then had never been fully recovered ... Is it perhaps the much-needed opportunity to finally understand the mysteries of the Earth? The author is a certain Dante, certainly an excellent colleague, explorer and terrestrial scientist ...

An original and amusing show that, with fantasy, irony, poetry, proposes to approach Dante's text from a new perspective, taking it as a game "seriously": what would it be like to imagine that our reality was exactly that painted by Dante? What physical laws and natural phenomena are really described in the text among fictional creatures? How is the representation of the human being, of society?
Through the powerful narrative technique of estrangement the actors and manipulators play with the audience inviting them to change their point of view to look at the world from a distance that allows them to grasp paradoxes and
nuances of human society described by Dante. A society that, in the temporal perspective of the light year, is exactly ours.
The puppets, inanimate objects already intrinsically alienating, become perfect bearers of this original point of view and the visual and immediate techniques typical of puppetry allow a dynamic approach,
light but profound, to Dante's text which, in this way, can also be effectively enjoyed by the child.
Thus a mental experiment takes place which is intended to be a hymn to human creativity, to the life-giving power of poetry, narration, imagination. Features that Dante has been able to embody better than ever.

Duration: 45 minutes 
The show can be represented both indoors (theater, hall, auditorium, gym, etc.) and outdoors (square, garden, very large street) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
We have a structure that needs a stage space of 6x6 meters . 
We have independent audio and lighting services . 
Technical needs: connection to the electricity grid . 
Copyright: non-protected show, with protected incidental music. 
Actors number: 2. 
Assembly time: approx. 2 h . 
Disassembly time: approx. 1 h . 


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